Interview with Go-Go Earl – Washington, D.C.

JJ: Go-Go Earl, you are one of the funniest, most entertaining individuals that I have ever come across. Where did you get the nick-name Go-Go Earl?
GGE: I started out going to see the legendary Chuck Brown every day at the GoGo and he coined me the name GoGo Earl which back in the day was a honor given to the best dancers at the GoGo and my friends kept continued to call me that the rest of my life.

JJ: Your website out of DC is huge! How did you and Kelvin get started?
GGE: We were starting a social at a place called Maxim’s on Sundays and we wanted to advertise our party, so we decided to create a website to create interest in the parties we were planning to have.

JJ: As a man of many styles of dance, what attributes do you think a salsa dancer should have in order to be considered “great?”
GGE: I think he should be able to break on 1 and on 2 almost as equally as well, be able to dance Cha Cha, be able to size up his partners skills in the 1st minute of the dance, be able to dance with his partner and make sure she leaves the dance floor with a smile on her face.

JJ: StuckonSalsa has some of the best Salsa parties in the world. What’s the secret? Please, we need your help in Atlanta 🙂
GGE: There is no secret. It is a plain and simple plan and here it is: Salsa dancers only want to do one thing and that is dance. So you keep your plan simple. Make your place conducive for dancers, Have plenty of open space, a DJ that plays good dance music and a dance surface that will be comfortable for dancers to dance on for 6 hours, a place with convenient parking and a location that is easy to get to for most people.

JJ: Where would you rate the DC salsa scene in comparison to other the major cities that you have visited?
GGE: I think DC ranks right up there – somewhere in the top three.

JJ: Any additional comments you would like to share?
GGE: I feel honored that you asked me to participate in this forum.

Earl Rush