Editorial Comments:

First and foremost I would like to thank Mr. Jose Alberto, Mario Hazarika, Emily Alabi, Samantha Erskine and Sharon German for their terrific interviews. I would also like to thank Jason Pacheco and Mr. Rafael Brito for their great articles; and thanks to Ivi, Myron, Rob, Boyd, and JD for their fabulous discussion responses. Your contributions make La Voz del Mambo possible!

Last month my dance partner Lucy Lu and I had the pleasure of traveling to Greenville, SC to teach workshops and debut our mambo routine. I just wanted to take time out to thank everyone in Greenville, SC for being so supportive! Thanks to John Morey for bringing us down to Greenville and showing us such a great time. The salsa environment you guys have created in Greenville is something to be admired. Keep up the good work John! We look forward to seeing you guys again real soon!

Also, last month Lucy Lu taught salsa workshops in Raleigh, NC and we got the opportunity to perform at the Salsa for U Social. I just wanted to thank Anita Walden for allowing us to perform at the social and being such a great host! In addition, thanks to all the dancers that gave us so much positive feedback, it really meant a lot! I also want to say a special hello to the young ladies I met at Lucy’s workshop from VA. Thanks for your positive feedback on La Voz del Mambo.

Last month’s the most popular question was by far: “who is the Mad Mambero?” Well, initially I was not going to address this, but since so many people have asked about it, I feel the need to respond. The Mad Mambero is a fictional character. The essay last month was not an individual e-mail sent to me. However, the material in the essay is a collection of real e-mails, postings and direct/indirect comments made to me over the past few months. I figure everyone one should have a voice, even those that don’t approve of La Voz del Mambo for whatever reason. Nevertheless, The Mad Mambero’s purpose is purely for entertainment, so please keep that in mind the next time MM decides it’s time for someone to speak up! 🙂

Hope you enjoy this month’s issue. See you on the dance floor! Johnny Johnson – Editor

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