Stuck on Salsa – You did it again!
By Johnny Johnson

This past weekend I decided to treat some of my recent salsa depression with some of the best salsa medicine on the market….Travel. Although there are many proven products on the market, nothing soothes a feeling of salsa depression like a dose of the DC Salsa scene. The level of dancing, excitement, and fellowship amongst salseros in DC is extremely admirable. DC is rapidly becoming my second salsa home thanks to the Stuck on Salsa family.

As for “The Party,” what can I say; it was one of those event’s that’s kind of hard to describe. I mean… I could try to describe it, but truth be told, you just had to be there. Nonetheless, this event was a tremendous success! Over 450 die-heart salseros were in attendance and by the end of the night DJ Elvira had inflicted dancers with the usual salsa symptoms: extreme aches, severe dehydration, and excessive perspiration. But what can you expect when a Salsa DJ feeds a group of starving salseros a playlist so undeniable, it could make the most unfriendly salsero, gladly except your dance request. Nevertheless, DJ Elvira, you are undoubtedly one of the best salsa DJ’s on the scene…. much love!

As for the party, the energy level was off the meter! There were awesome performances from Salsa Fuego (DC) and Art n Motion (Philly); as well as a great amateur dance contest and classic birthday dances. The social dancing was crazy! (that’s a good thing) The levels on the floor ranged from beginner to that level waaay in the sky that just leaves us all in awe; and although I looked real hard, I could not find those corners marked by cliques or styles that always seem to surface at every salsa event. Everyone came to party with one another and have a good time. I definitely commend Stuck on Salsa for providing such a healthy salsa environment.

In addition to a great environment, there were a handful of salsa cameos. Of course you had one the best salsa dancers in the world, Shaka Brown, putting on a show with every social dance, then there was his guest from New York, Janet, who provided my best dance of the night. Actually, her talent kinda caught me off guard. Usually I prefer to mediate and stretch before dancing with someone at that level waaay in the sky.

Needless to say, there were also local appearances from DC’s own Karen Aguilar, CeCe Villalobos, and Rona LeBlanc (just to name a few); and we can’t forget about the guys who were putting it down….DC’s own, Orlando Machuca, Ronald Rios and Tony Nardolillo (just to name a few). Also, while Stuck on Salsa’s Kelvin Harris and Earl Rush were not making sure everyone was having the time of their life, they were on the floor putting on a show themselves. Last but not least, let’s not forget about the out-of-town salseros visiting from Atlanta, Philly, NC, SC, NY, NJ and beyond; who drove crazy hours or booked expensive flights just to get a taste of Stuck on Salsa Madness (that’s also a good thing).

All in all, this is one of the best non-congress salsa events that I have ever been to. Great people, great dancing, and a great environment will always produce great results!

Stuck on Salsa, you did it again! I guess my only question is, when’s the next party?????

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