by Johnny Johnson

She possessed great rank but this was no opera song,
Her nonverbal communication commanded our attention

She exuded everything stylish and symbolized elegance,
Most modern day Mamberos believed she was heaven sent

Her movements captured rhythms and captivated musicians,
Because she stressed notes behind bars like syncopated prisons

She ruled the mambo bliss that frequently took us over,
Her rumba motion awakened the melodies that bored us

She was sexy enough to dance in bars, just for her own amusement,
But filled with so much class, dancing only in the bars of the music

Convinced that in her past, she was a spiritual painter,
Because her movements interpreted melodies, that drew out inspiration

And from these descriptions, you’d think I stayed in her presence,
But all it took was a brief moment, to gather up all the evidence

Possessing essential properties, she’s a statement of equivalence
This woman truly exemplified… the essence of a Mambo Diva.