A Salsero’s Perspective with Betto Herrera, Raleigh, NC

I think dancing is an art of self-expression. It does not matter what you dance on as long as you have fun. Some people do not focus on fun or respect this as part of dancing. They spent too much time arguing about who is right and who is wrong!

I can dance Salsa On1 and On2. I can also dance Cumbia, Casino Style, and Colombian Style. I’ve learned from different people when I was growing up by going to different clubs where you had Cubans, Colombians, Mexicans, Dominicans and people from numerous Latin American countries. Everyone dances differently. However, one thing everyone has in common is that they enjoy the music.

My formal training was On2. I learned to dance On1 just by dancing w/ On1 dancers. On1 and On2 have the same steps, the same moves, and the same turns. The main difference between each style is which count you break on!

If you can understand the music then you’ll have no problem dancing on any count, as long as you stay on that count!! If you’ve danced On1 your whole life, transitioning On2 it’s going to take some work and vice versa. The controversy of which style is better always comes from beginners, wanna be superstars, instructors who don’t understand the concept of dancing. Unfortunately, these individuals are not humble enough to become students again.

Now let’s not deny that On2 has become very popular! In fact, most experienced dancers, dance On2 now. LA, which was once the On1 powerhouse, has been invaded by On2 and now have many On2 dance groups.

I believe that popularity of On2 is a result of the up and down beats of the percussion which the dance follows. It fits better with the music, especially old school from the ’70s and down. Most of us like the idea of this dance having no set structure. There is always room for innovation and invention. Since everyone is a different person and dancing is a form of self-expression, why should everyone dance the same!!

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