Welcome to the Mambo Café


Jose: The politically correct salsero. Everyone on the scene loves Jose. This guy is everyone’s best friend. He has strategically figured out a way not to offend anyone at anytime and is welcomed by all salsa cliques.

Mendy: The nice salsera that everyone loves to dance with; and why not her dancing is off the hook! Mendy rarely tells anyone no, that’s why she’s always tired. She can dance at an advanced level on any count, so she frequently has a long line of salseros and mamberos.

JT: The angry/arrogant salsero. JT maybe one of the best salsa dancers on the scene; however, he dislikes almost everything and almost everybody. Although he does a good job of hiding it while in public, those close too have become very familiar with his disgruntled, self-centered attitude. Fortunately for JT, he such a good dancer, he never has a difficult time meeting new people on the salsa scene and deep down he’s not so bad.

Francis: The gossiping salsera. Francis knows almost everything about everybody on the salsa scene. Francis is a very popular individual that knows a significant amount of people on the scene, hence her pathway to information. She’s not the best dancer in the world but if you want to know what’s going on, she’s the go to person. She also runs a very popular salsa discussion board.

MAMBO CLIQUE: Recap on a night of dancing at The Mambo Café (MC)

Setting: Taco Cabana Restaurant (24 hr) after a night of social dancing at MC

Jose: So guys, what did you think about the dancing at MC tonight. I had a great time!
Mendy: I am so tired! My feet hurt so bad, I didn’t sit down for more than 10 seconds tonight!
JT: Maybe you should have told some of those off beat dancers NO! I watched a couple of your dances and some of those guys were horrible.
Francis: Which dancers are you talking about?
Jose: Come On JT, don’t you think you’re being a little harsh, everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t you remember when you first started, how nervous and lost you were.
JT: Are we talking about salsa dancing? Or something else 🙂 I was always able to keep the rhythm. I felt the music in my heart even before I took classes.
Francis: JT, my sources tell me that you weren’t that good a few years back.
JT: What sources! Francis, if you knew as much about dancing as you knew about people…
Mendy: JT, please! Don’t say anything you will have to apologize about before we finish eating.
Francis: Geez JT….I’m just saying, one of my friends was just talking about how much you have improved since the last time she saw you. She thinks you’re really good!
JT: Yeah I guess you’re right, I am really good! Did you see my shines when I danced with Mendy, everyone was just staring at me. I made those up last week. I also did some new turn patterns. I was really on point tonight.
Jose: Actually JT, I was staring at Mendy. Her styling has gotten really good! She looks so elegant out there!
Mendy: Awe Jose, you are so nice 🙂 That’s why everyone loves you!
Francis: Really Mendy, you’re getting really good. My friends in DC asked about you the other day. They remember you from the Congress.
JT: Well to be quite honest, Mendy’s really not all that great… I mean I’ve seen better, just go to New York or New Jersey, now those women have style!!!
Francis: JT, you are so mean!
Jose: Come on JT, you have to admit, Mendy is getting really good.
JT: Calm down guys I’m just kidding! Mendy you are always my best dance of the night and you are getting a lot better. Almost good enough for me to turn it up a notch or two.
Mendy: Awe JT…You’re not as big of a jerk as everyone thinks 🙂
Everyone: LOL!!!
JT: On another note, what was up with DJ Pronto tonight?
Mendy: I don’t know, he kept blending the songs over and over making my dances extremely long.
Jose: He usually doesn’t do that, may be he’s just experimenting. He’s really a nice guy.
Francis: I hear that they may be changing the format at MC to add more Reggeaton. They’re losing money because salseros don’t drink.
Mendy: What about water, they charge $4 a bottle.
JT: I’m sorry but DJ Pronto sucks!How hard is it to play good salsa music? I wish DJ Flexis was there tonight, he knows what I like!
Francis: I hope you’re talking about salsa music JT?

Everyone: LOL!!!

Waitress: Are you guys ready to order?

To be continued…
Disclaimer: “All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”