Interview with Diana Nunez – Queens, NY

Diana NunezJohnny: First and foremost,, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to have a virtual sit down with me :). You are an amazing dancer! For ladies that have aspirations to dance at your level, what recommendations do you offer?

Diana: The one thing that I do recommend is to take classes, but not only take classes. When you come home from class, take time out a practice and review what they have learned. Practice does make perfect.

Johnny: Your spinning is astonishing! Do you think anyone can be a great spinner or is it just something you are just born with? Where should someone start who wants to be a great spinner?

Diana: Johnny, thank you so much for your compliments. Anyone can definitely be a great spinner, no one is really born with it. However, in order to be a great spinner, like I mentioned before you must practice. Once you have encountered the technique, keep up with it by practicing. To answer your question, Where should someone start who wants to be a great spinner, Santo Rico Dance School. It is where I learned to dance On2 and where I learned my Spinning Technique.

Johnny: In case you didn’t know it, you are a Salsa Superstar! How do you deal with the level of admiration you receive from the salsa community? Do you ever feel pressured to be nice all the time?

Diana: Johnny you are a sweetheart, thanks again for your compliments. To answer your question, I love the admiration I receive from everyone, no matter what level from the Salsa Community.

For the past two years I’ve been traveling more than I have ever traveled before and the admiration and love I receive from everyone is wonderful. I’m sometimes left speechless with some people because of the things they say. It’s a great feeling, I love it.

To answer your next question, in regard to feeling pressured to being nice, I really don’t feel pressured at all. I have many people tell me all the time, “Diana, you are too nice.” It’s in my nature to be nice. I was raised that way.

Johnny: Coming from NY, you are exposed to the best. What city’s salsa scene within the US has impressed you the most, outside of NY or NJ?

Diana: You are definitely right, I am exposed to the best coming from New York. There are so many talented and wonderful Instructors and Choreographers to learn from. I feel very fortunate coming from here.

However, as I stated before since I’ve been traveling a lot for the past two years, I have had the privilege to see what the salsa scene is like in other countries and other states. The scene that has impressed me the most is the scene in the South. South meaning North Carolina and Atlanta, the reason why I say this is because I have participated in many of the events that are held in both states and what impresses me the most is everyone’s ability to want to learn.

I have participated in events held in North Carolina and Atlanta and they are a number of hours away from each other and people from each of these states drive from where ever they live to support and learn from instructors that come to teach workshops.

In June of 2004, I had the honor of working with Instructor/Performer/Choreographer Juan Matos who is also one of my directors, teach a workshop in Atlanta and I was overjoyed to see most of the dancers from North Carolina and New Orleans drive to Atlanta to come and support us. It was a great weekend and I hope to see more of those weekends again.

Johnny: Any additional comments

Diana: In conclusion I would just like to thank you Johnny for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts in what I love to do most, dance! I have never been interviewed before nor have I had my thoughts posted on a website. Thank you once again for allowing me to express myself towards this. Keep up the good work with your newsletter, you are doing a wonderful job.

Diana Nunez