Results from our reader polls:

Last Month’s Poll Results
Best Male Freestyle Dancer Votes Best Female Stylist Votes Best Salsa Congress Votes
1. Frankie Martinez, NY 40% 1. Amanda Estilo, NY 33% 1. Los Angeles 38%
2. Juan Matos, NY 35% 2. Candy Mena, NJ 23% 2. New York 27%
3. Jayson Molina, PR 15% 3. Griselle Ponce, NJ 19% 3. Chicago 22%
4. Other 10% 4. Yesenia Peralta, NJ 9% 4. San Francisco 11%
5. Other 14%

Honorable mention: Sekou McMiller, Chicago; Shaka Brown, DC; Cindy Osorio, NY; Maricza Valentine, Chicago; Amaryllis Cintron, NY;

This Month’s Polls
Most Creative Male Lead Best Female Spinner
Ismael Otero, NJ Candy Mena, NJ
Thomas Guerrero, NY Massiel Guerra, NY
Shaka Brown, DC Diana Nunez, NY
Super Mario, UK Samantha Erskine, NY
Mario B., NJ Amaryllis Cintron, NY
Dee Scott, DC Magna Gopal, Toronto
Sekou McMiller, Chicago Yesenia Peralta, NJ
Other Kimberli Flores, NJ

New dancers have been added by popular demand!

Top three voter-getters for “Most Creative Lead” so far: Ismael Otero, Super Mario, and Thomas Guerrero

Top three voter-getters for “Best Female Spinner” so far: Diana Nunez, Amaryllis Cintron, and Magna Gopal


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