An Interview with Oscar D’ Leon by Sharon German

Oscar D'LeonSharon: First and foremost thank you for giving La Voz Del Mambo an opportunity to interview you. I feel privileged in doing this interview with a legend like your self. I would like to thank you for your time.

I understand that your parents recognized exceptional talent in you at an early age. When did you realize you had passion and ability for salsa and how many years do you have as a professional artist?

Oscar: Well my parents were able to focus on me very well because I was an only child. I feel that salsa blossomed in me from the wound of my mother….I was born to be a salsero and now I have 32 years as a professional artist.

Sharon: You truly have an impressive artistic background. You have traveled the world! What can you say has been the highest level of your career?

Oscar: I have not yet reached the highest level of my career. I feel you always have to keep striving for more and continue to deliver more of you. I know I have to give more of my energy to the world, I mean after all this is what I was born to do and there are no limits.

Sharon: You carry a very well earned title, “El Sonero Del Mundo”. What does it feel like to know that everyone recognizes you by this name?

Oscar: It means I have a huge commitment with all of you.

Sharon: We all remember how you and your handsome son use to sing together on stage. You guys use to exert so much energy and let’s not forget those tight choreographies. It is not everyday that an audience gets the opportunity to see a father and a son connecting at this level. What did you learn form this experience?

Oscar: We continue to learn together and in fact we continue to perform together as well. The difference is he has moved to another side of the stage, he is now my timbalero and has been for many years.

Sharon: In the world of salsa what other artist do you admire?

Oscar: Really and honestly I enjoy all of them. They all have something special to share, but my favorite was and always will be Celia Cruz.

Sharon: Every artist has something or someone that inspires them. What drives and motivates Oscar D’Leon?

Oscar: Life it self is my inspiration, I’m actually in love with the gift of life and that is my daily motivation.

Sharon: The energy that you produce on stage is unique. This energy is it a reflection of the crowd or simply the excitement that runs through your veins?

Oscar: All you need is a band and a good sound and the rest is done. I make my own ambience and the energy is a reflection that I really do enjoy what I do.

Sharon: Some of us have had the pleasure in seeing you at the Salsa Congresses. What other events oriented towards mambo dancers are awaiting?

Oscar: Yes, there are opportunities coming up in the mambo dancing scene. I will be doing the Los Angeles Congress for the end of May, then from June 18 until August 17 I will be doing my annual European tour, a tour that I have been doing for 18 years. I always go in to this tour with the mind set of making my European people dance their feet away.

Sharon: Aside from the fact that you are an immense star, what else do you dedicate your self to? Is there another hidden talent?

Oscar: Yeah of course, making love………….ricooooo.

Sharon: What message do you send to all salseros?

Oscar: Throughout the beauty of music we can reach many things. I believe things that may seem impossible, but through music they are possible, like the dream of peace and harmony on earth. Let’s all fight for world peace.

Let’s love, live, and remember that we came to this world to do good. Let’s change drugs and violence for better things like music. “La Voz Del Mambo” thank you for your interest in interviewing me and believe me it was my pleasure.

Sharon: Thank you very much Oscar D’Leon you are truly admirable.

Oscar D’ Leon
Manager: Oswaldo Ponte