An Interview with Eddie Lopez (Orquesta MaCuba) – Atlanta

Eddie LopezJohnny: First and foremost, thank you for giving an opportunity to interview you. MaCuba is quickly becoming one of Atlanta’s favorite high-energy Latin Music groups. How did you guys get started?

Eddie: I would like to Thank You for allowing Orquesta MaCuba the opportunity to be interviewed by website that promotes Salsa Music and Musical Artists.

Orquesta MaCuba got started when my wife and I decided to form our own band. At one time we were in competing bands, and finally ended up singing together here in Atlanta with another Salsa Band. After spending several years with this band, we decided to do our own thing.

Johnny: What sets MaCuba apart from other salsa bands in and beyond Atlanta?

Eddie: I believe we are different than other Salsa Bands particularly here in the Atlanta Market due to our ability to perform our own Music. Many of the locals in Atlanta are happy performing music from other artists rather than their own. As for Orquesta MaCuba we always focus on performing at least 60% of our own music and 40% from other Salsa Artists.

Johnny: You frequently play are several popular events are the Atlanta area. Where can people in Atlanta go to hear your Orquesta?

Eddie: Normally we play at any and all venues we are asked to perform at. In order to get our schedule, I would recommend that people who are interested in seeing us perform, to go to our website and it will give them our current and future performance schedules.

Orquesta MaCubaJohnny: MaCuba is led you and your wife, Mayi Lopez, how would you describe the experience of performing with your wife?

Eddie: Peforming with my Wife can be quite hectic but full of satisfaction. There are not many musicians that have their wives with them during and after a gig. With me it’s nice to have such a great singer/musician working with me on gigs. It’s also nice when we are through with a gig and are able to go home together.

Johnny: Who are some of your favorite salsa bands?

Eddie: Some of my favorite Salsa Bands are as follows: Los Van Van, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gran Combo, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Celia Cruz, Albita, Sonora Pocena, Lusito Rosario, and many others. When it comes to Salsa and Timba, the list goes on and on.

Johnny: You’ll are currently working on a CD. What can people expect from this project and where can we purchase your music?

Eddie: Our CD is scheduled to be released within a couple of months and we are extremely proud of the product that we have. The Salsa that you can expect from this CD is high energy dancing salsa that will guarantee you the urge to dance. All of the arrangements are my own under Music MaCuba Productions, which also make us very proud of what we have. In addition every song is different therefore it would give everyone their choice of song that they would like best. The CD will be available for purchase on our website and at a couple of music stores here locally in Atlanta.

Orquesta MaCubaJohnny: Where would you like to see your band in the next 5 years?

Eddie: Within the next five years I would like to see my band performing more venues throughout the United States and abroad. In addition within the next five years I would like to see my band become more of a household name, not only for the Atlanta Market, but other markets like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and other major metropolitan cities. Also within the next five year Isee my company Music MaCuba Productions expanding and promoting new talent.

Johnny: Any additional comments:

Eddie: In closing I would like to say that it has been a great 2 years, and we are happy to be where we are growing leaps and bounds. For the 2 years that have passed we have been blessed with performing with great singers and musicians like Frankie Vazquez, Junior Gonzalez, Luisito Rosario, Alfredo de La Fe, Ruben Rodriguez, Bernie Minoso, Richie Viruet, and other greats.

I guess if I had to say to myself, not bad considering that we have only been together 2 years. Secondly, I guess that it goes back to my original statement earlier which mentioned that we are not afraid to take risk.

One of the greater moments Orquesta MaCuba has had is when the famous New York Singer Frankie Vazquez got up to the stage with our band and sang with my wife her song that she wrote called “Fritura Bacalao”. When you experience this kind of music energy, you have to say to yourself “We must be doing something right”!! Or when Ruben Rodriguez the famous Bass Player from New York tells you that your music arrangements are great! That is when you know that you must be doing something right.

By the way our name Orquesta MaCuba comes from my wifes home town of Matanzas Cuba (Orquesta MaCuba). For those of you in the Salsa world Matanzas is the birthplace of the “Guaguanco”.

Thanks Again, Johnny y que sigue la Salsa!!!

Eddie J. Lopez
Orquesta MaCuba
ph: 678-584-5487