Salsero’s Perspective: Jason Pacheco – Chicago, IL

The “Pimp” Teacher
This is the guy whose only form of game is making a girl feel inferior. Everyone knows who he is… he is in the corner teaching some girl the basic step or cross body lead. He spends the rest of the night “teaching” her all there is to know about salsa. Just when she is catching along with the whole basic step concept he does some crazy move throwing her off balance and forcing another private in the corner. This is such a lousy way to hook up and you are bound to see the same sorry game next week.

The Ignorant Model
She lives off her looks; why else would every guy tolerate such horrible dances. She brags about never taking lessons and even has the audacity to turn guys down. She can’t keep a beat, she can’t spin and she has a horrible attitude problem. But man she sure is fine! Maybe the next dance I’ll get lucky and she’ll finally take me up on that dinner offer.

The Tank
The title has nothing to with her weight. In fact she was once an “Ignorant Model” so this really is an upgrade. Except for the fact she thinks your arm is great for leverage. She has crazy style and you love to watch her break it down. You jump in for the next dance and give her nice hard prep for the triple spin and then it happens…. She leans back and takes off. And you want to scream in pain but now everyone is watching so you cut it to two spins to limit the anguish. You realize it’s so much better looking at a Hummer than actually driving one. The gas mileage is horrible.

The Tank Driver
He always fools you into thinking you too can get your CDL Tank driver licenses. He can take her and spin her and do things you never thought “The Tank” could handle. He is only setting you up for the previous discussed scenario. It’s a vicious cycle.

The Bad A**
-Everyone loves to dance with them!
-Beginners over hype them!
-Haters hate them!
-And everyone wants to dance like them!