Editorial Comments:

I wanted to put the editorial comments up front this month to ensure that they would not be missed. This month I had the pleasure of visiting the Boston salsa scene. Not only was the dancing off the hook, but the camaraderie between top notch salsa groups such as Salsa y Control, Masicote Entertainment and Hacha Y Machete was something to be admired. I have never been to a city where the top notch groups seemed to be one happy family. I tip my hat to you guys for maintaining such a positive salsa environment. With that said, thanks to Victor and Burju for taking me in and allowing me to have a weekend in the life of Hacha y Machete. You guys are fabulous dancers, but even better friends. You truly inspire me! Thanks to Johnny and Andres for entertaining the whole crew over the weekend and showing all the out-of-state visitors such a great time! You guys are mad cool! Also, thanks to my buddy Ana and Joel for hanging out with us and helping to contribute to a very memorable weekend. You guys are the best! Also, what’s up to Patrick and Michael, glad we got to cross paths. I really enjoyed meeting everyone in Boston at the social and I look forward to our next encounter.

As for the newsletter, I think this one of the best newsletters so far, but I will let you decide. I would like to thank Yesenia, Seaon, Joy, and DJ MamboMagic for their outstanding interviews. I would also like to thank Jason Pacheco and DJ Nik for their outstanding contributions. Last but not least, thanks to Joyce, Angie, Andre and Lashena for their fabulous discussion responses. Hope you guys enjoy the newsletter. See you on the dance floor!

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