A Salsero’s Perspective: Jason Pacheco – Chicago, IL

For my Salseros…

Drinking and dancing do not mix. If you think you dance better drunk the truth is you don`t. It`s just easier to lie to yourself. All those people making room for you to dance aren`t impressed. They are actually laughing at you and don`t want to be elbowed in the face.

Know your limits. Don`t start doing moves you have no business trying, especially, if the dance floor is crowded. If a woman is grimacing in pain chances are you are doing something wrong. All she is going to do is tell her friends to stay away from you.

Dancing salsa is like a Spanish waltz. So, if you ask someone to dance, don`t turn her around and dry hump her. That`s not dancing. But I`m not one to hate, if she likes it, knock yourself out.

If, you really want to dance and have a good time dance with everyone. Just get past the idea that only petite, Puerto Rican girls can dance Salsa. The best dancers out there are probably forty year old, overweight, white women. Don`t miss out on a great follow because she doesn`t fit your thoughts of what one is.

For my Salseras…

“Would you like to dance?” is a Yes or No question. Don`t answer a question with a question. “Do you know how to dance? Are you a good dancer?” are not acceptable responses. There is no reason to roll your eyes either. Just answer the question Yes or No.

The rudest thing you can do is tell a guy no you don`t want to dance and then two seconds later dance with someone else. I will hate you until the day you die and I`ll make sure everyone knows about it. (Petty, vindictive, immature? I`m all of the above so don`t do it.)

If a guy is putting you in harms way with stupid moves, you have every right to walk off dance floor. Same thing goes for those times his “cell phone” is poking you.

It`s ok to ask a guy to dance. Even if you aren`t that good. He may be stunned for a couple of seconds but he will say yes.

Jason Pick’s
Top Five Leads:
1.) Frankie Martinez (NY)
2.) Ismael Otero (NJ)
3.) Milton Cobo (NC)
4.) Seaon Bristol (CA)
5.) Jai Catalano (NJ)

Top Five Follows:
1.) Aisha Koswara (NY)
2.) Magna Gopal (Toronto)
3.) Candy Mena (NJ)
4.) Seaon Bristol (CA)
5.) Amanda Estilo (NY)

Jason Pacheco