An Interview with DJ D. Martinez – Boston

DJ D MartinezChris: DJ D, for those who dont know you, can you tell us where you’re from and how you became one of Boston’s best DJs?

DJ D: I started to really get into Latin music while in college. While at Northeastern, I decided to start my own Latin radio show since there was no form of Latin music at the college station.

La Rumba, my radio show, focused mainly on Salsa music. During this time I was still doing the occasional college party, night club and Weddings. It was at the station and through these other gigs where I gained a following. Some of these other gigs were quite an adventure. I really paid my dues. After graduating college, I started to work for a few local Audio Visual companies where I gained technical experience. I started to do the local night club circuit and things were going well.

Boston at this time had no real Latin Club or venue. There were some places that played some Salsa early on in the evening then it went into club music for the remainder of the night. I had out-grown the club scene and started to embrace Salsa…Click here for more!