“La Luz de Salsa or whatever you call this site!”
by The Mad Mambero a.k.a “MM”

I’ve held back long enough, it’s time someone spoke up. Who does the johnnyboy guy think he is? La Luz de Mambo or whatever he calls this salsa spot. I don’t like La Luz el Mambo and I definitely don’t agree with it. Truth be told, I don’t even think these interviews are legit. Just think about it, why would salsa stars like Seon,Yesenia, Ismael, Super Mario, Shaka, Mario B. and Diana agree to work with this guy; for God sake’s, his work is so unprofessional! Just check out the source code behind these pages, it’s dreadful! What this johnnyboy guy should to do is call up Ana from Masicote Entertainment and get her to work up a miracle for his site. Did you see the work she did for Mambo Dinamico’s website? She’s a freakin’ magician!

But back to this La Luz es Mambo; instead of writing all of these salsa articles, taking salsa polls, and striking up so much controversy with these discussion questions; he should be taking some salsa classes. I mean I’ve seen this guy dance and to be quite honest, he’s really not all that. I mean, his turn patterns are a bit over used and I don’t know if this guy’s trying to dance a power2, ET2 or an off beat 1; make up your mind dude you’re giving me a headache!

He definitely doesn’t know the difference between the 2/3 and 3/2 clave and I’m not sure, but my resources tell me that this dude doesn’t even speak Spanish! I know I’ve sent him several insulting e-mails in Spanish and I’ve yet to receive a reply. Nonetheless, instead of being such an on2 advocate, he needs to start dancing from the heart. That’s what salsa dancing is really about, not timing, styling or turn patterns; however, since johnnyboy insists on being a “Ballroom Salsero,” he might want to check out some DVD’s by Seon, Shaka, Super Mario or Ismael. That should at least give him some new turn patterns to wear out and fix those timing issues.

La Luz de Salsa…..It’s funny how these websites are always created by people who have the least background in this area and spends little time seeking out dissenting opinions; or truly educated opinions for that matter. This guy is all about self validation and bias opinions towards his former dance company and trainer (who are not all that BTW)!

And the spam…This guy is ridiculous! I try to block him, but he still finds a way to sneak into my inbox. If receive another unwanted e-mail from johnnboy or any salsa yahoo group that supports him, they will all receive an unwanted e-mail from my lawyer. You guys might want to check out the new anti-spamming laws. And if you’re going to keep spamming me johnnyboy, at least keep it real!!! Just by looking at your absurd poll results, I can tell who your salsa friends are. And who the heck is Cristina Zavala! – best mambo follow outside of NY/NJ, give me a break!!

It’s time somebody spoke up about this nonsense….The underground voice of the mambo dance community…I DON’T THINK SO…This site is more like the upper-ground voice of johnnyboy’s bias opinions and the undeserved admiration of his salsa clique!!!!!!

“I’d rather have true enemies than fake friends!”