Discussion Response: La’Shena Ballard – Detroit, MI

“What are the best ways to regain your salsa passion?”

First of all,we all can remember how passionate we were about dancing when we were newbies…just begining to learn. We had to know every salsa venue,take every group lesson,purchase as much salsa music as possible and we took advantage of every opportunity we could to dance. We were soooo passionate and sooo excited to learn something new…hmmmm…something new…..well with that said,that is one way I regain my passion when I feel like I’m getting bored. I just learn something new!!!!!

One of my biggest challenges as a newbie was following, after I improved and learned to add a bit of styling,I began to get bored. I didn’t go out as much anymore; and it wasn’t because I felt like I was such a great dancer that I didn’t need to go out and social dance anymore to practice…I just didn’t have the challenge I needed there anymore. So….I began to learn how to lead. Oh my God,is that a challenge! I’ve been excited since then..even though I only know two turn patterns…It’s such an accomplishment and I know that there is so much more to learn. So now I really look forward to going out and dancing again.

The other way I regain my passion is surrounding myself with people that are passionate. Those people can be anyone…….honestly the most passionate ones are the newbies!!! It’s great to serve as a mentor to them; it’s so awesome because it reminds yourself of how passionate you were when you were first introduced to the dance and you of course begin to relive the passion all over again.

I’ve had the honor with working with some of the most passionate people in our salsa community (Yoruba Andabo). We’re constantly brainstorming ideas to maintain the passion in our salsa community and ourselves. Working with a group of people that share the love for the dance and inspiring the newbies that have just been introduced to it is maintaining my passion.

La’Shena Ballard aka She-She

Detroit, Michigan