by Johnny Johnson

Is tough being the new kid on the block, leaving the comfort of your old neighborhood, family and friends to try to rebuild your new life. The salsa community is no exception to this rule. In your old community, you have friends and family that watched you grow from child to a young adult. It’s almost a sense of pride to them to bear witness to your growth and development.

Within salsa community, these same rules exist. You have your parents, which are your instructors who teach you your first steps. After months of practicing, these same instructors share the dance floor with you at your local salsa clubs. The bond created between instructor and student is nearly unbreakable. It comes from the respect of a student towards an instructor, that this person introduced them to something they have grown to love; combined with the pride of an instructor towards a student, as they watch the time and energy they put into an individual begin to flourish……for more click here!