That Salsa Lifestyle by J.D Smith

Well it’s official, in the northeast it’s definitely winter, so I’ve decided to take the opportunity to spend more time in the clubs dancing(As if I needed an excuse) Just about any night of the week you will find me on the floor executing shines and cross body leads to blistering Latin rhythms.

However, I’ve noticed something quite interesting. If I’m out six to seven nights a week, I see many of the same folks on any given night in any given club. My very crude and unscientific mental survey tells me that a goodly portion of the salsa crowd is out dancing 5, 6, and yes, even 7 nights a week!

I have been forced to conclude that for these individuals this is not just a pleasant way to spend time on occasion. If one is out doing pretty much the same thing most nights of the week from 9:30 to around 2:00 or so, one is arranging or re-arranging, many other details of one’s life around this activity. After all, anything that commands 25 to 30 hours of ones time every week must be considered a formidable presence indeed. Yes friends, for some of us salsa has become a LIFESTYLE.

Closer examinations reveal the true depth of this kind of commitment. Many take classes and privates as well; some are dancing with companies and other ad hoc organizations. All of us similarly affected spend on salsa proof wardrobe items, dance shoes and chiropractic appointments etc. If you’re one of the ones I’m talking about, just think of the number of things you blow off or relegate to secondary status below salsa.

Don’t tell ME… just think about it. If you’re only spending $10-$15 per night(not at all difficult to do), that’s between $3600-$5520 yearly and we all know it’s more than that when you take into account the road trips to congresses and other out of town salsa events that one occasionally attends when you’re in it this deep. I have not failed to notice that these folk seem to pick their partners from this grouping as well (My last three hook-ups were). It’s what I’ve termed “The Law of Proximity”. Friends and partners will ordinarily be chosen from among those closest in proximity to our main activities and interests. Rarely have I seen exceptions to this rule. Is this good, bad, or neutral? I don’t know, it’s just an observation, call it for yourself.

I do suggest however that more than a few of us live this way. I would like to believe we who choose this way, do so prudently and responsibly, but human nature being as it is, it cannot be so in all cases. For those who have some question about it, check into it and take any doubts you have seriously, after all, this scene we love and nurture so carefully should remain fun and not become a source of distress in anyone’s life. So please, as we all enjoy, safety first!