by Johnny Johnson

The world revolved around them so much, that they frequently became dizzy…. They thought they were the best in town and got angry when you disagreed;
They stepped on1, 2, and you; if you ever became a potential threat…. Regardless of the accolades you gave to them, they belittled you with every breath;
They think they’re beyond e-mail, discussion forums, and threads…. Preferring to take a shot at you, when you can’t reply to what they said;
They falsely accuse your purpose and discredit you with every chance…. Simply because they’re insecure and secretly admire the way you dance;
They frowned at your accomplishments and always put you down…. Even when you gave respect and notoriety to every instructor in town;
They think their way is best and yours is always incorrect…. Forgetting about the days that they struggled, just to get the basic step;
It hurts them to give compliments, but they knock everyone with ease…. Their negativity could turn a night of dancing, into a game of hide and seek;
They are the salsa toll booths; expecting it to come through them…. Unfortunately they failed to realize, there’s a side street called aspiration;
They’re the stars that you admired, giving a thrill to your heart…. Until you deciphered their role and discovered their personality’s sub par;
And every time you ask, they will find a way to avoid you…. They act as if a salsa dance is really an undercover proposal;
But don’t look too far beyond your class, practice, and clubs….. Or maybe the judge in your competition or the dancer from tech rehearsal;
Unfortunately these salseros can cause us to question our love…. But do not allow these negative actions, to take away your salsa passion!

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