2nd Annual State Farm Ins. Dance Contest
January 14-17 (MLK Holiday)

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Mardi Gras Mambo is a Social gathering of Salsa/Mambo dancers from around the country. We celebrate the coming together of many Cities, Cultures, Race and Heritages during the weekend preceding the Martin Luther King Holiday. Through dance we realize that there is no color barrier or social status to separate us. Most say the first Mardi Gras Mambo was the best time they’ve ever had at an event. Hopefully you’ll be apart of our 2005 edition.

***For a current schedule go to http://www.latinmotions.com/mardigrasmambo.htm***

Thursday – Jan 13th Kick off party TBA
Friday – Night Showcase and Dance @ Club Silhouette
Saturday & Sunday – Workshops.
Saturday night @ Club TwiRoPa workshop 9pm-10pm, Midnight exhibitions and $1000.00 dance contest sponsored by Ron Newson of State Farm Insurance.

Special guest in alphabetical sequence:
East Coast: Jose “Prenda”Araujo- N.Y, Mario B.-NJ, Andy Cruz-Chicago, Darlin Garcia-Phili, Kimberli Flores-NY, Juan Matos-NY, Candy Mena-NJ, David Melendez-NY, Jessica Moya-Phili, Vitico Pacheco-N.Y, Yesenia Peralta-NY, Cesar Perez-NJ, & more from New York
West Coast: Willie Watana & Jennifer DaSilva-LA ?
Down South: Atlanta: Gordon Neil, Jimmy Rumba & Jennifer, Jose & Belle; Raleigh: Joy & Betto Tampa: Erika Occhipinti; Memphis: Edgar Mendez & Salsa Memphis dance co; Orlando: Andres Echevarria & Julissa Cruz, Neo Torres; New Orleans: Lazaro Hurtado, Georgette Alcocer, Juan “Chino” Fukuda; Texas – Austin: Mitch Segenson, Azucena & Carlos; Dallas: Salsa Passion, Guajiro dance co. Alexis y Mara, Robert & Sandy; Houston: Cosalda, K’yuco, Houston Salsa Dancers, Salsazteca, Guaguanco; San Antonio: Angel & Jessica –Xibuke, Lee Rios Maria Falcon-Semeneya;
Choco w/ MamboFateegz will be selling his gear

For more info go to www.latinmotions.com/mardigrasmambo.html

Click here to see the pictures from this event

peace & crossbodyleads
On1, On2 whatever!!
Georgette y Troy Anthony
(504) 412-8769