Discussion Response: Andre Bovell – Florida

Why do so many people lose their passion for dancing Salsa?

I think there are several reasons why a great dancer loses his/her passion–whether it be temporarily or completely.

In my working stereotype of a great dancer, part of the criteria, if you will, is tenor, or having been in the scene for quite some time. Perhaps these “greats” see something in the new wave of salseros(as) that they don’t like. For example:

Many “greats” frown upon video taping. I guess it’s flattering at first, but enough is enough when they’re being blinded by the backlight in their faces every other song. This is not as likely as the, “who is this jackass trying to steal MY material?” response. Perhaps in their eyes, the lot of us are nothing more than cheap pirates who’d rather sneak away with new moves that pay for them–hence, their retreat is an act of self preservation. I’ve even heard a rumor that some dancers want to sue.

Another reason for retreat could be that these greats have gotten too good for their own good. For the men, nobody can follow their ridiculously complicated turn patterns, so they get bored, frustrated or both. I know that I get bored with my music collection sometimes. But I don’t lock my cds in a safe for 6 months…I buy new music! But then again, nobody else has to like my music. Just me–and I’m easy to please. So why would they bother making up new patterns if nobody can follow the ones they know now? This is just a thought.

Or, it could be that they’re plain sick and tired of the on1 vs on2 bull, the backstabbing, nasty gossip (honestly, how disgusted would you be if people you’ve never even met, in a country you’ve never even heard or knew your business?) and the elitist “I’m too sexy for this song” attitudes, and are simply waiting for the universe to balance itself?

Whatever the reason may be, perhaps a good way for one to regain one’s passion is to expand one’s circle a bit. Dance with the little people, and do it with a smile. They’ll be eternally grateful, and it just may be the spur one needs. Who knows…one may get a thrill or two one’s self!

Andre’ Somewherein, FL